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  • In the beginning, I am your hope holder. I will hold hope until you are ready and able to hold hope for yourselves.

Welcome to Odonata Wellness Center, LLC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and founder of Odonata Wellness Center, LLC., I want you to know that this center is a tapestry interwoven from the finest threads of passionknowledge, and creativity.

This vision began nearly 25-years ago as I began a journey to create a healing environment infused with complementary healing modalities to support Post Traumatic Trauma survivors and individuals who experience Complex Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms. There were moments on the road I traveled personally and professionally that sculpted what is now Odonata Wellness Center, LLC.   


Helping people heal is what motivates me to get up each day and plant my feet on the ground. I consider it an honor to be invited into my client’s lives at some of their darkest hours and support them with solid tools that strengthenheal, and help them grow beyond what they thought was possible

Traveling the road of life, I learned first-hand that there was a need for a wellness center with a sole focus on supporting betrayed partners and their loved ones who struggled with sexual or pornography addiction. I wanted to offer the kind of support that went beyond traditional talk therapy, as well as help my clients see the amazing talents and strengths they possess. I believe each person has personal strengths. Perhaps due to addiction or years of pain, those parts are a bit more hidden, but they are not lost.     

  • Helping my clients pull out their strengths, along with new supportive tools, boundaries, and goals become the alchemy to create a healthy lifestyle and foundation for one’s loving relationship and life.


Seeking support from an experienced and trained professional specializing in the field of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma is essential. Having lived through this myself, I can say firsthand that going to someone trained in this work was the key ingredient to the success in my healing. That experience allows me to hold the torch of hope for others on their healing journey.

Throughout my education and training, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the top doctors and clinical professionals in the following fields of study; 

  • Mount Mary University Master’s in Art Therapy program
  • The International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals
  • The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists
  • Brainspotting
  • Mindfulness Based Addiction and Trauma Therapy
  • The Gottman Institute – Support for couples based upon nearly 50-years of research
  • I also had the privilege to train under a leading Neuropsychologist and a leading Post Traumatic Stress expert here in the Midwest.  


When people read or hear, “Art Therapist” it may conjure a memory of the last time you created art. The fact is I do a lot of talk therapy as it is essential to learn about your story, needs, and goals. In the simplest of terms, art therapy is the marriage of art and psychology. 

  • Throughout the years, my clients have shared with me how they have flourished because of talk therapy combined with art therapy and Brainspotting. This brings joy to my heart.

Some clients like to engage in art therapy and some not. Art therapy is only one facet of the kaleidoscope of the tools I offer in my creative toolbox. Here is a brief list of some of the therapy tools my clients and I find most helpful in and out of sessions.


Elizabeth A. Poth

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Therapist

Certified Telehealth Provider – Wisconsin


Tools used in and out of sessions


On a Personal Note…

First, I want to acknowledge the courage it takes to reach out for help and make that first phone call or send an email. If it happens to be an evening or weekend and I am away from my desk, I will follow up with you when I am back in my home office or the studio.

In the meantime, I am probably cooking meals from scratch for my family, gardening, or working on a home improvement project with my husband. I also love nature; hiking, biking, and taking walks with my family are my most cherished moments in life. 

What keeps me grounded and healthy in supporting individuals and couples through sexual addiction and betrayal trauma recovery is making time for my own self-care. One of my favorite past times is to deconstruct old furniture and repurpose it into a new life. Thank you for stopping by, I hope that I can be of support. 

Safe and Supportive Counseling for Sex Addicts and Partners A compassionate partnership in Hartland, Wisconsin
(414) 639-2441

Through a compassionate partnership, we work with clients by providing focused evidenced-based tools to support their recovery from sex addiction, pornography addiction, intimacy issues, couples infidelity and betrayal trauma.

Meet Elizabeth

Meet your therapist, Elizabeth Poth, LPC, ATR, CSAT, CCPS, BSP-1, MBAT - Candidate

We offer safe and supportive counseling for the hurting couple, betrayed partner, or individual who struggles with problematic sexual behavior. We understand the courage it takes to reach out for support.

Odonata Wellness Center


Safe and Supportive Individual, Couple, and Group Counseling

Meet your therapist, Elizabeth Poth, LPC, ATR, CSAT, CCPS, BSP-1

We offer safe and supportive counseling for the hurting couple, betrayed partner, or individual who struggles with problematic sexual behavior. We understand the courage it takes to reach out for support. To learn more information…

I enjoy helping my clients to find ways to use their creative minds and develop areas of self-care they had never dreamed was possible.

Elizabeth A. Poth

Odonata Wellness Center, LLC

Odonata Wellness Center is a destination wellness retreat center that focuses on the treatment of sex addiction, porn addiction, and partner betrayal trauma.
Nestled in glacial terrain just outside Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeast Wisconsin, our wellness center provides individual, couple, and group therapy. We also provide partner and couple recovery retreats, and one-day wellness workshops.

Our wellness team is diverse, yet has a common thread; we believe in the efficacy of trauma-informed care. Our counseling team has been trained by the best credentialing programs in the world; International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, as well as The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists.

Healing Our Hearts: A Couple’s Disclosure Intensive in Hartland,WI

Odonata Wellness Center, LLC has opened its doors in support of our Midwest couples in need of a disclosure intensive. This is for the recovering couple seeking to build a new foundation of honesty, integrity, and accountability.
We will work with your primary therapist to help you achieve the next step in your healing journey.

It is our intention to offer you supportive tools that work, such as art therapy and Brainspotting to mediate; anxiety, depression, or trauma symptoms in the disclosure process. We understand the tender place our couples are at and it is our goal to make sure you are both as comfortable as possible.

Unique to our counseling center is a no-contact entry system and two interior rooms that both have five-foot by five-foot glass windows. Client’s sit in the comfort of a well-appointed therapy room outfitted with sanitized art therapy materials, Brainspotting audio equipment, and visual access to the therapists through.

We want to elevate our client’s comfort level during this pandemic. We not only adhere to the CDC’s safety guidelines, as well as the state and federal requirements. Your primary therapist, primary therapist, Elizabeth Poth, LPC, ATR, CSAT, CCPS, BSP-1 had once owned a commercial cleaning. She was trained in the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) cleaning protocols.

This was due to stringent cleaning requirements for the medical clinics, dental offices, as well as an IV and Sterile Compounding Clean Room her company provided cleaning services too. The IV room is a place in pharmacies and hospitals where IV medical bags are prepared for hospital use. Safety is our number one priority. Therefore, Elizabeth brings that OSHA standard to Odonata Wellness Center, LLC.

Although masks are required in all common areas of the therapy space for the safety of all. Client’s are welcome to remove them once they are in the closed therapy room. Virtual tours are offered upon request.

The Healing Dragonfly: Support Group for Women in Wisconsin

A safe place to share your story…
The Healing Dragonfly: Support Group for Women in Wisconsin is offered twice monthly and is two hours in length. This is a safe nonjudgmental therapeutic support group for partners who are in the early stages of their healing journey. This is offered through a secure two-way video telehealth platform. Sit in the comfort of your own home and experience the healing benefits the group environment offers.

We offer this safe supportive group for partners to gather as they share their challenges and triumphs. Within the confidential group environment, partners give and receive nonjudgmental support, develop a self-care plan, and acquire practical tools for healing.
Led by Licensed Professional Counselor and Betrayal Trauma Specialist, Elizabeth A. Poth, LPC, ATR, CSAT, CCPS, BSP-1. Call for details and admittance requirements for the group.

Understanding Partner Trauma: A Journey of Knowledge, Understanding, and Empathy

Deepen your knowledge on partner trauma
Empathy tools you can use immediately
Boundaries as a tool for healing and support
A solid plan to navigate partner triggers
Positive communication tools

Previous guest speakers have included; Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP, author of Life After Lust. Additional guest appearance by Sara Schulting-Kranz B.S. CPC, Professional Co-Active Life Coach, Certified Partner Coach, Grand Canyon Guide, Producer, Speaker, and Writer. Featured her documentary, Walk Through This: A Story of Starting Over.

Healing Hearts in Hartland: A Couple’s Customized Retreat

Healing Hearts In Hartland: A Couple’s Customized Retreat offers your relationship specialized attention. A customized retreat tailored to meet the needs of each individual and couple.
The foundation for your customized retreat is you. In order to co-create a plan, we ask that you complete the intake materials and questionnaire through an online practice management portal from the comfort of your own home. We also ask that you provide a release of information so that we can communicate and coordinate with your current providers. To finalize the details, we will speak with you individually and together so that you feel confident in the retreat created especially for you.

After you have had the quality-focused time to work on your relationship during the retreat, we will communicate with your therapist(s) to support your transition back to daily life. It is our intention that you feel heard, supported, and confident in the tools you have. And, continued guidance and counseling upon your return.

Connection, Care, and Creativity

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Do you feel a need to reset and refocus on yourself? Gather with another woman just like you who needs a day of connection, care, and creativity. Led by Registered Art Therapist, Elizabeth Poth, LPC, CSAT, CCPS, BSP-1. She is committed to supporting each woman in the development of their unique creative mind, and explore new avenues of self-care.

Space is limited so call today to reserve your seat at our next Connection, Care, and Creativity workshop.

The Holidays: A Recovering Couple’s Workshop To Navigate the Holidays After Betrayal

Are you a couple facing your first holiday season since discovery or disclosure? Or, are you a couple whose anxiety goes up during the holidays due to unresolved issues or painful memories? Perhaps “D” day was long ago, yet neither one of you has enjoyed the holidays since.

Finding the new normal can be challenging, but not impossible.
You are invited to an evening that will allow you both to learn how to reconnect during the holidays, heal the wounds that have divided you, co-create a solid holiday plan, and establish a foundation for successful future holiday seasons.





ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant

Odonata Wellness Center, LLC is ADA compliant and can be accessed from the main parking lot entrance, located at the rear of the building.

Catered Meals

Catered Meals

For a seamless experience during the one-day wellness programs, intensive, or workshops catered meals will be provided for an additional fee. We will make every attempt to accommodate allergy and food intolerance issues. 



There are hotels, cabins, and bed and breakfasts located within a four-mile radius of Odonata Wellness Center, LLC. 

A creative healing journey begins…
A creative healing journey begins…

Hope, Help, and Healing