Individual, Couple, and Group Counseling

Supportive Counseling Services

Our intention is to provide you with supportive counseling services that truly help. Unique to our counseling program is that we are trauma-informed providers assisting individuals who struggle with sex and porn addiction, intimacy issues, and couples impacted by infidelity. We also specialize in counseling for the betrayed partner or spouse.

Our hope is to serve as the lighthouse shining a bright light through the fog of a challenging time in your life.

If you or your loved one has been struggling alone with problematic sexual behavior and you don’t know who or where to turn for help, we are here for you. As you navigate through this tough time of your life, we understand the need for counseling that impacts lasting change. Our goal is to provide healing solutions that work.

Individual counseling can be the reset button to reclaim your life.

We understand that each person has unique circumstances and sometimes painful stories. Currently, we are the only Multidimensional Trauma Model trained provider in Southeast Wisconsin. We provide counseling to partners and spouses of sexually addicted men and women. We will ensure a safe and supportive environment, so you can heal.

For a comprehensive list of mental health specialty areas, please see the page below.


For the couple seeking supportive counseling

Redefining the new “normal” can feel like a daunting task for couples who have struggled without support. Have you thought to yourself, “If only someone could see into our relationship. If someone could just help my partner see my opinion, feelings, or circumstances more clearly, life would change for the better.”

A benefit to a couple in counseling is that you both feel supportedheard, and validated. With helpful resources, effective tools, and a new perspective on old patterns, your miscommunication can transform into healthy communication.

  • Growth in emotional intelligence
  • Identify unhealthy communication patterns
  • Develop communication tools that work
  • Build on strengths you brought to the relationship
  • Redefine your new normal, it is possible

Learn how empathy is the key to healing your relationship.

Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability
Honesty, Integrity, and Accountability

Group Counseling for Sex and Porn Addiction

Have you struggled with problematic sexual behavior and/or betrayed the one you love? How long have you struggled alone with this problem? Have you tried everything else to stop, but it seems nothing works? Consider participating in group counseling that encourages you to make lasting changes. It can offer you the following;

  • Strengthen your recovery skills
  • Use evidenced-based tools that work
  • Be encouraged by seeing others recover
  • Feel motivated through group accountability
  • Optimize your long-term recovery success

Are you ready to break free from the cycle of shame, guilt, fear, and isolation?


Group Counseling for Betrayed Spouses and Partners

When was the last time you felt unconditionally supported by other people who are going through the exact same thing you are? The inherent value of group counseling is simple. You don’t have to do this alone.

  •         Safe and confidential
  •         Healthy self-care
  •         Reduce feelings of isolation
  •         Creative solutions
  •         Practical tools for healing
  •         Instill hope that change is possible

If you are a betrayed partner or spouse, group therapy can feel like a warm emotional blanket that envelops you in healing wounds you have dealt with alone. A supportive group can offer long-lasting results in your mind, body, and spirit.


We all start somewhere. Every little change, no matter how small, can positively impact us down the road in unforeseeable ways – that is the beauty of the Butterfly Effect.

Retreats, Workshops, and Therapeutic Disclosure


Build a New Foundation Together A Journey of Knowledge, Understanding, and Empathy

Teaching the art of empathy is perhaps the single most rewarding experience in the work I do with my clients.

Elizabeth A. Poth

Specialist in Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma

Open for In-Person Therapeutic Disclosures Bringing Light into the Shadows

Therapeutic Disclosure

A Therapeutic Disclosure is for the couple who need to bring closure to the past, so they can build a new foundation from honestyintegrity, and accountability.

The disclosure is led by an experienced Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Certified Clinical Partner Specialist who walk their clients through disclosing behaviors that caused the partner’s betrayal trauma and grief. Clients are prepared and gently guided through a process that is thoughtful for both individual’s needs and goals. Therapeutic Disclosures can be done in few ways:

  • Three-day Intensive
  • Four-day Intensive
  • Wisconsin clients work with their treatment provider for an optimal plan

Supportive tools will be outlined and discussed in advance. Additional informational materials will be provided upon request.

  • Art Therapy
  • Brainspotting
  • Mindfulness
  • Somatic Awareness

The feedback we have consistently received from our clients is that the Therapeutic Disclosure was the reboot to the relationship. It was the stepping stone to their new relationship. Click here for more information.


Trust begins with truth.

Elizabeth A. Poth


We understand that during this time potential clients or their therapists are concerned about their physical safety due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. We join you in that concern.

Elizabeth Poth2

A message from the founder and owner of Odonata Wellness Center, LLC Elizabeth A. Poth, LPC, ATR, CSAT, CCPS, BSP-1…

We have safely transitioned to facilitate in-person disclosures due to the unique layout of our clinical space. This is how we have been able to accomplish this.

  • Private no contact entrance
  • Enclosed therapy rooms with five-foot by five-foot glass windows
  • Solid barriers between clinicians and clients 
  • Solid barriers between clinicians 
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards of sanitation
  • All touchable surfaces are sanitized before and after each clinical use
  • The use of a two-way communication device similar to the device used at a bank drive-through window

We strictly adhere to the CDC’s safety guidelines, as well as our own state and any updated federal requirements.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I once owned a commercial cleaning service specializing in the medical field. As such, I was trained in the OSHA standards of safety and sanitation, I bring that skill set to this environment. Safety for all is our number one priority. Click here for questions or more information.

Virtual tours are available upon request. Click here for more information.

Guidelines to Follow Upon Arrival

State Requirements:

August 2, 2020, Governor, Tony Ever’s mandated that masks must be worn in public spaces.

Public space here:

  • Main Hallway
  • Restroom(s)
  • Entering and exiting Odonata Wellness Center, LLC through the no contact entry doorway

 Before you arrive and upon your arrival:

  • Enter through the no contact entry doorway
  • An Informed Consent for In-Person Services, During COVID-19 Global Pandemic must be on file with Odonata Wellness Center, LLC
  • Clients and staff will be required to have a temperature check each day of the disclosure process. A noncontact Infrared Forehead Thermometer will be used
  • Note that the therapists will be wearing a mask throughout the process, but with mouth visibility

Workshops and Retreats Restoration, Creativity, and Growth


What it is in Your Creative Self-Care Tool Bucket?

There is creativity in the act of problem-solving. Consider for just a moment that learning how to create a healthy lifestyle, setting boundaries, developing empathy, and effectively communicating with loved ones is creative problem-solving.

Individual sessions are amazing and in recovery are essential to individual and couple’s healing. However, in group settings, such as workshops and retreats this allows people to cover emotional miles in a small amount of time. There is also research to support that when people heal in a group setting it enhances their healing through a biological experience of mirroring neurons. In other words, when another person processes and heals so do we.   

A workshop or retreat can often be the reset button that begins our self-care commitment to ourselves or our relationship.

We believe in supporting our clients' healing through quality psycho-educational topics like; Understanding Partner Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sex Addiction 101: Understanding Compulsive Sexual Behavior, or The Holidays: A Recovering Couple’s Workshop to Navigate the Holidays After Betrayal.

We also believe it is important to teach that healing doesn’t always have to feel like emotional heavy lifting. Therefore, Elizabeth A. Poth, Registered Art Therapist has designed one-day workshops and retreats with the recovering partner in mind.

These specialized programs are a time for restoration, renewal, and also offered as gentle reminders to take a deep breath and unwind. Click here for more information.


We are committed to our clients’ recovery and want to bring the best that Odonata Wellness Center, LLC has to offer. As a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we shifted our workshops to an online format.

We are only able to offer this for clients who reside in Wisconsin.

Retreats, Workshops, or Therapeutic Disclosure Allow This Moment To Be Your Reset Button

Safe and Supportive Counseling for Sex Addicts and Partners A compassionate partnership in Hartland, Wisconsin
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Through a compassionate partnership, we work with clients by providing focused evidenced-based tools to support their recovery from sex addiction, pornography addiction, intimacy issues, couples infidelity and betrayal trauma.