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What it is in Your Creative Self-Care Tool Bucket?

There is creativity in the act of problem-solving. Consider for just a moment that learning how to create a healthy lifestyle, setting boundaries, developing empathy, and effectively communicating with loved ones is creative problem-solving.

Individual sessions are amazing and in recovery are essential to individual and couple’s healing. However, in group settings, such as workshops and retreats this allows people to cover emotional miles in a small amount of time. There is also research to support that when people heal in a group setting it enhances their healing through a biological experience of mirroring neurons. In other words, when another person processes and heals so do we. 

Healing in a group has a ripple effect...

A workshop or retreat can be the reset button for self-care or healing the relationship.

We believe in supporting our clients' healing through quality psycho-educational topics like:

Healing does not need to feel like emotional heavy lifting. It can, and often does feel rewarding, uplifting, and cathartic. Elizabeth A. Poth, LPC, ATR, CSAT, CCPS, MBATT, BSP-2 is a Registered Art Therapist. She has thoughtfully developed one-day workshops and retreats that encourage self-exploration from a lens of creativity, support, and connection with other healing participants. When one person begins healing, it is a beautiful ripple effect in a group environment, everyone begins to heal.

These specialized programs are a time for rebuilding, restoration, renewal. Click here for more information.